I’m Zach Heilman. This is me:

I am several things:

  • A student at Iowa State University, majoring in Computer Engineering.
  • A sysadmin and staff member for ISEAGE, which puts on multiple Cyber Defense Competitions (exercises in counter-hacking) every year. I was the director of the 2012 ISU CDC and the 2013 Community College CDC.
  • A DJ. We’ve performed at multiple high school dances, college parties, weddings, and much more.
  • An organist for Memorial Lutheran Church, as well as a substitute organist for other churches around central Iowa.
  • A general technology geek. Among the things I enjoy are XKCD, Ars Technica, owning way too many computers for my own good, messing with Debian and FreeBSD variants, and the occasional programming project in one of several languages; so far I’ve dabbled in C, C#, Java, Python, PHP, and even PowerShell and Bash scripting. Take a look at some of my projects here.