Zach Heilman


Linux Sysadmin, Organist, Private Pilot


Sr. Systems Administrator

Administering HIPAA and HITECH compliant Linux hosting and networking. Hybrid self-hosted and cloud-hosted. Ansible and Terraform managed.

Feb 2015 - Present

Systems Intern

Managing and monitoring Mac laptops. Hardware-based IDS (OSSEC).

Summer 2014


Leading Lutherans in song.

2009 - Present


Iowa State University

Computer Engineering

Focusing on Networking and Security.

Sysadmin and staff member for ISEAGE, part of the Information Assurance Center. Leading students in multiple Cyber Defense Competitions.

2009 - 2014


Languages, Tools, & Services

Ansible | Terraform | Nginx (+ Lua) | PostgreSQL | Python | uWSGI | AWS | GCP | Icinga | KVM | oVirt

  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Hosting
  • Secure Networking
  • Mixed Cloud + Self-Hosted Environments
  • Ansibile and Terraform managed Infrastructure


I enjoy educational online videos, frequenting /r/sysadmin, singing in my commmunity choir, and tabletop games.

I'm a Private Pilot, rated for instrument flight and endorsed for high-performance, complex, and tailwheel single-engine airplanes.