In 2013, I spearheaded an effort to rebuild the infrastructure used by the Cyber Defense Competitions held at Iowa State. Where we had previously given each team access to an ESXi host (and split the host between teams), we moved to provide the teams with access to a vCenter environment. During the 2013 ISU CDC, we had approximately 125 students using vCenter at once.

Besides the time I’ve spent preparing the CDC network at ISEAGE, I’ve also began dipping my toes into the Python-based webapp my colleagues have made, IScorE.

For a class project, two other students and I developed Web Jukebox, a web application for DJs that enables guests to easily request songs using their phones (or any other internet-connected device). After some more tweaking (and bug fixes) I just might use it myself.

For my Senior Design project, my group is developing a webapp to handle the automatic generation, deployment, and revocation of SSH keys on behalf of WebFilings.

My DJ partner and I are also actively developing a C# application to control our lights for DJing, thanks to the Enttec’s Open DMX USB controller. If you want to see it in action, feel free to come to one of our events!